Keno Strategies for the Inventive Player

So here is the deal; you really want to win a grand lottery but you just do not want to go through the conventional way. What to do in such a situation? It is simple; you just try to invent something in order to win the jackpot in the lottery. Keno for example could have several loopholes that could be used to your advantage. We created Keno strategies for inventive players so that you can get your cold hard cash the inventive way.

We are not saying that you will be able to claim your cash legally, but we sure claim that our methods are inventive and will give you a good time. The first Keno strategy that you can apply is to simply bet on multiple systems and spend a little cash in every possible system that you can imagine. You are going to have to win somewhere somehow, and with betting a hundred fold, you surely will win something. The question is just how much you will win, and if it pays back what you spent for the wagers.

Other Keno strategies lean more towards the physical active side and you either have to have good looks or a really persuasive talking style. The mixer where all the balls are located are mostly manually operated which means that the operators can set the speed, the pressure or the blows and when a ball should be caught. Try to manipulate the operator or extensively flirt or persuade the operator until you have achieved your desired number. This is certainly one of the more daring Keno strategies, but it will sure give you the needed results.

The last one of the chosen Keno strategies is also the most daring. Here you actually have to be part of the Keno staff in order to get farther with one of your Keno strategies. It is best if you become the Keno host, because the hosts receive all the bets and wagers. With a little luck, you will find the winning ticket and you will keep it to yourself. This is risky because casinos have surveillance teams and you might be risking the termination of your job, but this is one of the Keno strategies that will definitely work. As long as you got the winning ticket safely hidden, you can ask a friend or family member to claim the jackpot in the end.

Keno strategies seem to be plenty whether legal or not, but the most important thing for Keno players is to win something in the game and the more they win, the more they will continue playing.