Online Keno and Its Game Basics

Online keno is a unique casino game and also easy to play. Playing online keno is very similar to playing any local lottery. Players will see an online keno board that has a total of 80 numbers. The objective of online keno game is to guess as many numbers as you can out of the 20 numbers that are drawn in each game round. The 20 drawn numbers are selected randomly and online keno players will have to bet from one up to ten numbers that they guess will be among the drawn numbers.

When your chosen number is among the randomly drawn numbers, it is called as a Hit. Your winning payoff in online keno is base on the amount of the bet that you choose: $1, $3, or $5. The maximum bet in online keno is $5. The amount of your winnings also depended on how many numbers you have selected in each online keno game and how many of the your selected numbers become Hits.

You will start playing online keno by marking the numbers that you have selected on the keno board. If you prefer, there is an option that the computer will be the one to choose the ten numbers randomly for you to bet. Pushing the online keno button marked "Automatic Deal Ten Numbers" does this.

In online keno, the number of your choice will turn green when selected. To de-select the number, you just have to click it again. As you continue to choose your desired numbers, the potential payoff that can be received if you win will be displayed in one corner of the screen.

Once you have done choosing your desired numbers, you will have to choose how much you will have to bet. You can choose between the three options: $1, $3, and $5. Click the right button for this and you will be able to view how much will be your potential payoff in online keno at the corner of the screen.

The next thing to choose is how many rounds of game would you like play in online keno. And you can click one of the three options: Play One, Play Five, or Play Ten. After every game round of online keno, results will be displayed on the left side of the screen. You can even click on each individual online keno game you had to view the detailed information of the play. If you choose to play a new online keno game using the same selected numbers, just click on the "Repeat Bet" button.

Online keno is absolutely very simple and since it is a game of chance, wish that you are lucky in choosing the right numbers to bet that you might win big money.