Pertinent Keno Gaming Terminology

We have here a list of terms used specifically during Keno games. A lot of these terms include different types of tickets and types of games a player can play. These will generally give you an idea of what playing options are open to you in Keno.

All or Nothing - This is a type of Keno ticket that will win only if either all the numbers picked by the player gets drawn or none of them are drawn.

Blank - This term refers to a Keno ticket that hasn't yet been played by anyone.

Buy-In Tournament - Players would be required to pay a fee to join in this type of tournament. The fee is used as a bankroll and works like one wherein winnings can be kept by the participants, which also means they also sustain losses as well. In a tournament such as this, players will have to play a certain amount of Keno tickets.

Cage - This term is also known as a tumbler or birdcage. This simply refers to the wire cage that contains the plastic balls that have numbers printed on them. The winning numbers will be picked out using the balls in the cage.

Catch All - A Keno game where a player must hit all of the selected numbers on a Keno ticket to win.

Catch Zero - The opposite of a catch all game. None of the numbers chosen on the ticket should be drawn.

Combination Ticket - A type of Keno ticket that has many different types of wagers on it thus giving it better chances to win.

Computer Ticket - Refers to the computer printout of the numbers you picked out from your Keno ticket.

Edge Ticket - A Keno ticket that has all the numbers on the edges marked.

Exacta - A Keno ticket that can be played on two separate games and has a special payout.

Free Play - This refers to a Keno ticket that will not payoff any winnings, but will rather give you a chance to play a second game for free.

High End Ticket - This is a type of Keno ticket that gives a bigger payout for hitting more numbers but pays less for a lower number of hits.

High Roller Ticket - These are keno tickets that have the really high minimum wagers.

Inside Ticket - A ticket that a player marks and surrenders through the window of the Keno counter.

King Ticket - A Keno ticket that will have one King, at the very least, already encircled identifying it as one group.

Multi-Game Ticket - A Keno ticket that a player can use over different games with some playable for up to a thousand of times.

Outside Ticket - This is the computer printed out ticket that is the basis of the casino to pay its players.

These terms will be helpful to you next time you decide how to play your tickets.